Thursday, 1 September 2016

Afterwards Review

♥ Title: Afterwards  ♥ Author: Rosamund Lupton ♥ Pages: 395 ♥ Published in 2012 ♥

To be honest, I was not a big fan, and this is why. 


This book is about Grace, Grace is a mother and has two children and a man , and lives a happy life. Until one day she is waiting for Jenny (her daughter) to be done with school. She is standing in front of the school waiting and waiting. Until she sees smoke. Black smoke. She doesn’t think and makes her way into the school to save her child. This doesn’t end up happily. They both end up in the intensive care department in the hospital. Jenny more hurt than Grace. They still know what is going on, although not in their bodies. They have gone away from their bodies, and are basically souls looking at the world from above. This way they discover that the fire was not an accident. But who did it?

My Opinion

To be really honest, I really didn’t like this book. I thought it was way too slow, especially when they are in the hospital. There is like a twenty pages description of what is happening when someone walks into the room, it’s just too much. And also, some parts are just way too weird. Like when your child nearly dies and describes her near death experience as “Awesome.” There might just be something wrong with your child. It was just way too slow for me. The whole book is just them looking from above. Or like at least the biggest part of the book is like that. I have to say, the ending was alright, and did move me a bit, but for the rest I would definitely not read this again. And yes I read it in dutch, because I used it for my Dutch reading list, but I doubt that it is better in English. I’m sorry Rosamund, but I hope Sister was better than this. One person that I did like was Adam. He seemed like such a chill and easy person to go along with. But to just give stars to a book because of one character? No sorry. I would give the other books of Rosamund Lupton a shot, but this one wasn’t for me. 


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