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Me before you Book and Movie Review!

♥ Title: Me before you ♥ Author: Jojo Moyes ♥ Pages: 481 ♥ Published in 2012 ♥

Me before you! Yay! I loved it so much, I couldn’t breathe xDD. This review will be about the book, AND about the movie. I hope you all like it. ♥


Me before you is about Louisa Clark, Louisa aka Lou is a 26 year old woman who loves her job in a café. But she doesn’t know that she is about to get fired. She goes to the Job centre to find a new job, and decides to become a Carer for a disabled man. That is where she meets Will Traynor. A man who got a motorbike accident and is stuck with a spinal injury, leaving most of his body paralyzed except for his hands, and from his shoulders up. One thing that Lou doesn’t know is that Will is in a depression, and doesn’t see the fun in his life anymore. But she is determined to change that. 

My Opinion about the book (contains spoilers)

I absolutely loved this book. It was an amazing adventure to follow, and also the way the characters were described. Will was so hilarious, and Louisa was so patient and lovable. I can easily say that this might be my favourite ship that I have ever made. (lol) I also really loved the writing style of Jojo Moyes. She is just a genius in writing, and making you feel as if you are standing there, right next to the characters. I have to say, Patrick, well, I never really hated someone, but I have to say.  Strongly dislike Patrick. He was no-where as nice as anyone else in the book. And I didn’t really know why it took Lou so long to dump him. I wouldn’t even get into a relationship with him, especially not in a 7 year long one. And he also doesn’t accept anything. But overall I completely loved every second of the book. I loved how I cried over the book. It kind of made me think of my mom before she passed away. It was like knowing how Lou, Will’s parents and  everyone around them felt. Lost, knowing someone is going to die, and you can’t change anything about it. And when you think you can, you find out it’s impossible. I loved that about it. Also the way Will looked at his life. In the beginning so depressed, but later on, he didn’t seem to fully hate it anymore. All I can say is that I absolutely loved it, and although I knew how it was going to end (accidently read the blurb of the sequel, oops) I still enjoyed it so much.

 My opinion about the movie (contains slight spoilers)

I have to say, I didn’t like the movie a lot, but I also didn’t not like it. It’s just, because I read the book first I liked it less, at least that’s what I think it is. The movie felt rushed to me, and it felt like they skipped half of the details, that were in some parts important. But for the rest I really liked it. The actors were great, and Sam Claflin was so handsome. (when is he not tbh)But I absolutely loved the fact that they ended the movie so well. With him reading out the letter as she is in Paris. It was just straight genius. Just like Jojo Moyes. And yes I did also cry during the movie. 

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