Monday, 26 September 2016

Volatile Review!

♥ Title: Volatile ♥ Author: Avylinn Winter ♥ Pages: 244 ♥ Published in 2016 ♥

Today I’m going to review Volatile! I’m not only super excited, but I also bought a signed copy so it’s extra special ♥ But before I start with the review I have to say, this is an LGBT novel and is therefore based on the story two men. Keep that in mind when reading this review.


Volatile is about this boy Chris Sinclair. Chris just lost his mother to cancer and doesn’t know what to do with his life anymore. He is in his own little shell and is not bothered to get out of it. Until one day he is forced to attend a concert. He doesn’t know what to expect from it, or if he will like it. After the concert finished he talks to the violinist of the play. They offer him a Job. He has to travel around Europe with Dante Heron. He accepts to his own surprise, but doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into. 

My opinion

Not only is the Author of this book extremely nice and inspiring. This book is also amazing! When I started reading this book, it was on Wattpad. There were only two chapters published, and I had to wait for a new one every time. So when this book eventually ended, I was heartbroken. This is one of the first LGBT books I’ve ever read and I enjoyed it a lot. Right now it’s not available anymore on Wattpad, because its published now. But the other two books are still available to read. 
I absolutely loved this story. It wasn’t a cute little romance where everything just happens and nothing bad happens. It was far from that. It was romance yes, but the way this book was written blew my mind. It’s so beautiful and the character development is so amazing. You get to know Chris as a person who is down and not very outgoing,  but he just transfers to a happy, caring and well, amazing person throughout the book. I thought it was so crazily amazing how attached you can get to a character. And yes this book made me cry at some points, but it was just amazing. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a bit of romance and also who isn’t afraid of LGBT. (might be handy haha) And the last thing I want to say is: “I NEED THOSE OTHER TWO BOOKS PUBLISHED! ♥” 



Also thanks so much Avylinn for signing it ♥

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