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Harry Potter Review!

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I’m reviewing Harry Potter today! For the people who still do not know what HP is about, first of all shame on you, second of all, I’ll explain.


Harry Potter is about a boy named Harry Potter, also known as “The boy who lived.” He is a wizard but doesn’t know yet. His parents were killed by a wizard named Voldemort, but he survived it. The death spell, (aka Avada Kadavra) didn’t kill him. He survives, but is left with a thunderbolt scar on the right side of his head. Harry remains a normal boy, and grows up with his aunt, uncle and cousin. But his life isn’t the best there. One day he gets a letter addressed to him. He never gets a letter so Harry decides to open it. But before he could read anything, it gets pulled out of his hands. Letter keep arriving, but the family (except for Harry) hides them from Harry. Eventually the letters get too much, and they have to move. Until Hagrid comes to save the day. (Hagrid is a giant.)  He talked to harry about him being a wizard and having powers. From this moment on Harry Potter is not who he thought he was. And nothing is what it seems. 

My opinion 

Not only is this one of the best series ever created, it’s also a beautiful series. Harry potter is a book series that consist of 8 books. (book 8 being a theatre script) They are all written by J.K Rowling except for the last book. To be honest, when I heard the hype of Harry Potter I didn’t know what to expect. When I read the first book (I think 4 years ago) I didn’t really love it yet. It was short and a bit boring at times. But I love how I was wrong about the series when I finished the third one. The series has such development, it’s unreal. Not only the characters but also the plot itself. And I also love the fact that you get to see Harry, Ron and Hermoine grow up through the books. It’s just straight up genius. I have to say I read these books in Dutch except for the 8th one. So some names are a bit different from the English names. Like Hermoine is called Hermelien in the Dutch versions. But I did love it a lot!

[ If you haven’t read HP yet. Please read it, the next bit will contain SPOILERS!]

One thing that I hated but loved at the same time, was he way some characters died. When Dumbledore died in the 6th book, I cried a lot, but it wasn’t just because he died, it was also the way J.k Rowling had written it to make it so beautiful. The way she had let them die. This goes for Snape too. When he died and was like letting Harry take his tears, I thought it was just so beautiful how she (J.K Rowling.) put the ending of Snape as a beginning of a new clue for Harry. It’s just straight up Genius! I just loved these books way too much. Oh and also. Dobby :’( He will always be missed. Same goes for Hedwig to be honest. I found Hedwig so cute. Overall I did really like the series although some parts of the book could have been better. That’s why my overall rating is 4 stars J



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