Friday, 16 September 2016

Mr Pip Review!

♥ Title : Mr Pip ♥ Author: Lloyd Jonees ♥ pages: 256  ♥ published in 

2006 ♥


Mr Pip is about this girl Matilda. She is a girl who lives on 

the island Bouganville. The island doesn’t have a lot of stuff, and doesn’t have 

luxury at all. There is a civil war close to where they live and that is another 

reason why they don’t have a lot. One day Mr Watts, first referred to as 

Popeye comes to the island. People call him Popeye, because of his abnormally

 large eyes. The children from the school, don’t really have a teacher anymore, 

so Mr Watts decides to take that place. He didn’t think that he was going to 

teach on this island so he didn’t have anything to teach with him, except for 

one book. “Great expectations by Charles Dickens.” He read the book to the 

children every day. And slowly Matilda is starting to think Pip (a character i

the book) Is a real guy. She sees him as a friend, an imaginary friend. 

My opinion

This was a school read for me. I didn’t like it too much, but I also didn’t hate it

. Normally I’m not too keen about school reads, or just books with deadlines. 

But I actually didn’t hate this one. It had a great plot. And had great 

characters. The character development was really well as well. You really see 

that Matilda grows older and smarter with every page you turn. And that is a

 positive thing, because you get left on the edge of your seat to find out what is

 going to happen. Another thing I really liked were the Red Skins (the people 

that fought in the civil war near the town, where everything takes place.) I 

really liked the concept of them fighting and sometimes kind of “robbing’ and 

destroying the little village. It gave something extra to it. I have to say. That 

one  chapter. We all know that one chapter near the end. Basically the last 

time that the Red Skins visit. It’s. Just. Weird… And I didn’t expect it at all. 

But overall it was a pretty great book and I liked it. 



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