Monday, 29 August 2016

Chatroom Book Review

♥ Title: Chatroom ♥ Author: Helen Vreeswijk ♥ Pages: 326 ♥ Published in 2012 ♥


This book is about Marcia and her best friend Floor are the average teenagers on a school. They are totally normal and are also still in highschool. But one thing that Floor didn’t know about Marcia is that she actually goes on a type of dating site. She doesn’t go by her own name, and also doesn’t seem to give people the right information about herself. Floor doesn’t seem to really care about what Marcia is doing, until she finds out that Marcia gets an email from a model agency. They both decide to join, but don’t know what they are about to start. But they find out soon enough.

My opinion

(contain some spoilers)

I really liked this book. It wasn’t too bad. There were some things that could have been better, but they were not bothersome. It has been a while since I read it though. I really liked the characters and how you could see them develop throughout the story. I have searched for the English version of this book and was unable to find it, that’s why I read it in Dutch, it has also been some time since I read it. I loved how Helen Vreeswijk could keep the plot so interesting. I loved the Plot twist. You kind of saw it coming at some point, because the way they got into the model agency was way too easy. And eventually when they actually were in trouble there was no way they could still save themselves. I did think that the people from the model agency could be described a bit more, since you didn’t really know a lot about them and I was kind of wondering who they actually were and why they did it. Also Erik was really cute. First I thought that Erik was going to be the one who was going to be misleading, but eventually you could see that he wasn’t. I enjoyed this book a lot and I would definitely recommend it to you people. (If it can be found in English, sorry if not :c) 




  1. I want to read this book, because the main character and I share the same name! And when I was younger, my best friend was called Floor as well...

    1. Oooh! That's so cool, and also such a coincidence. I hope you'll like it ♥


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