Monday, 15 August 2016

Eleanor & Park Review

Eleanor & Park ♥ Author: Rainbow Rowell ♥ Pages: 325 ♥ Published in 2012 ♥

Eleanor & Park! I don’t know how Rainbow Rowell does it every time. I just love every book of her so far, and I’m really excited to read all of the books!


Eleanor & Park is a lovely story about two teenagers. One is a girl with a rather bad home situation, she is a bit to the chubby side, and is a new student. Eleanor. The boy loves to read comics, and listens to music whenever her can. He also has an Korean background. Park. One day Eleanor gets on the school bus and is forced to sit next to Park. Park sees this as a bad thing, but soon finds out that it is not as bad as he thought. They soon discover that they share the same interests, and that they don’t really mind each other that much. They get feelings for each other, but one thing that Park doesn’t know is that Eleanor is lying about her relationship with him. This doesn’t seem such a big deal in the beginning, but they soon discover the opposite.

My Opinion 

I absolutely adored this book. I nearly rated it with 5 stars, I just didn’t like the ending a lot. (I also googled a shit load to find the answer, for the people who know what I mean ;)) I have to also say, that this book was way better than I expected. I already loved Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, but this took it to another level. At first I started reading, not really knowing where I was getting into. But eventually found an amazing love for the plotline. Although I got to say, I didn’t like Eleanor much. I’m probably the only one who thinks this, but, Eleanor, Stop f***ing whining. Like they had a perfect little thing, but then she comes in like: “Maybe we should stop? Is he mad? I’m not sure if we should do this or that.”  Like STOP. And on the other hand Park was so cute. Like if there is ever a boy in the world who is as caring and loving as Park, sign me the hell up for that. But next to all of that I absolutely loved it! And I would recommend it to anyone. ♥



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