Friday, 19 August 2016

Alice adventures in wonderland Review

Alice adventures in wonderland ♥ Author: Lewis Carroll ♥ Pages: 172 ♥ Published in 1865 ♥

Yay! My first review of a classic! I saw this book in amazing shop for only 2 pounds and had to pick it up. And I was even lucky enough to get the book with the original drawings from the very first book. (I absolutely adore the drawings of  Sir John Tenniel!!)


Well I think nearly everyone knows the story about Alice. Alice is a little girl that discovers a rabbit hole. She falls through it and discovers multiple things that seem rather peculiar. It starts with multiple events. First Alice finds a drink that has a label on it which says “Drink me.” But little does she know that when she drinks it, she will shrink to a very tiny human being. But there is also a cookie that helps her grow. Eventually she makes it through the tiny door and meets multiple characters in there. One of them being a blue caterpillar. Smoking on a mushroom he starts to talk to her. Alice tries to ask him questions about the place where she has landed. She eventually meets more and more characters like, the Mad Hatter, Queen of hearts and the Cheshire cat (A personal favourite of mine J) (I mean how can you not love him? Nothing really makes sense in the book, but eventually when you look back at it, it kind of does make sense. Through this book you follow Alice on her adventures with all the characters, that’s also probably why the book is called Alice adventures in Wonderland.

My opinion
It was very fun reading this classic. I forgot how fun a classic could be and I never regretted reading it. Not only is Alive in Wonderland a fun story, it’s also very unique. Like who thinks of a rabbit that is too late, a smoking caterpillar, a cat that cat vanish and a queen that only executes everybody she sees. It was unbelievably funny at times, and I loved the way they write. I don’t know if its old English (I’m not good in these kinds of things) but it was not hard to read at all. I flew through the book very fast, but that was probably also ,because the letters were pretty big. And also can we talk about the beauty of the illustration. They were so beautiful, I just couldn’t breathe. Especially how they illustrated the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire cat. I absolutely loved it all. This was a very fun read and I would definitely read it again if I didn’t have a lot of other books to still read. It was amazing! Oh and also Lewis Carroll, Off with your head! For writing such a fun and unique story!



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