Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Throne of Glass Review

"I'm so in love."

♥ Title: Throne of Glass ♥ Author: Sarah J. Maas ♥ Pages: 404 ♥ Published in 2012 ♥

I'm so excited to review this book. A lot of my book friends recommended this book to me, but I never really knew if I wanted to read it or not. But, as you can all see by this review, I did. 
And I loved it!! 


This book is about Celaena Sardothien, She is an assassin but gets caught by the guards of the king. She is can choose between the death curse, or winning a competition and eventually working for the king for four years to eventually own her freedom again. She chooses to participate in the competition. (everyone probably would do that tbh xD) She trains to become the best and makes new friend like Chaol and Nehemia. But also discovers that Dorian, the Crown Prince, is actually not as bad as she thinks. Celaena continues to train and tries to defeat every contestant in the competition. 
But will she eventually be able to do so?


I'm so in love with this book. I didn't know if I was going to like this book in the beginning, but I actually fell in love with all the characters. It was a bit hard to get into, since you don't know what happens before she gets caught. But then again it's kind of my own fault since I could have read The Assassin's blade first (0.5 book in the series (prequel))
But when you get into it, you will fall in love with everything. The writing, the character, you name it. It is definetly a must read for everyone. And if you like a bit of romance, you'll like this too. 
But to be honest the thing that happens in the end broke me though. Like, not fun at all :c
I'm right now reading the second book and I'm planning to finish it this week. (see: Week of July)
And since Celaena apparently plays piano, I thought I'd include the piano in my picture above. 
One down side to this book is that the cover gets damaged very quickly. (at least the U.K cover) As you can see, the letters are fading. To be honest I don't really mind it too much , but it's just a bummer. But that doesn't affect the rating, because the rating is about the inside of the book and not the outside. So still 5 hearts from me. 



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