Thursday, 21 July 2016

Crown of Midnight Review


Title: Crown of Midnight Author: Sarah J. Maas Pages: 418 Published in 2013

If you have not read Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas you might want to skip this review. It contains spoilers about the book!

(Yes the letters on the cover are damaged again, thanks backpack and school. :p)


After becoming the King’s champion Celaena Sardothien must win her freedom by killing for the king. She gets names on paper and is assigned to kill those written on there. One thing that the King doesn’t know is that Celaena never kills these people. She fakes their deaths. But with faking their deaths, she puts the people close to her in danger. Every death she fakes, the more guilt she feels. But this is not the only thing going on. There are more secrets that need to be unravelled and more places that need to be discovered.


Can we just talk about the love for these series that is growing with every book I read? I absolutely love these series to death. The story is so well thought through, and is just amazing. I had to say some things were a bit predictable, like the ending. . (at least I thought so) But some things blew my mind, after discovering about it. I love how there is so much character development in every book, and how much more you get to know about every character in every book. When I started the second book I thought it was only going to be about Celaena and how she kills her victims, but oh boy, was I wrong. There were so many mysteries going on through this book. From lying about who she killed, to a Circus with a fortune teller. Everything was in this. I absolutely love this book, and I can’t wait to start reading Heir of Fire (Third book in the Throne of Glass series) I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a badass protagonist and also doesn’t mind a little bit of romance in between the killing.



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