Monday, 18 July 2016

Twilight Review

"I actually loved this"

 Title: Twilight  Author: Stephenie Meyer ♥ Pages: 375 Published in 2005 

This book is better than i thought it would be, I think it's mostly judged by it's cover.
The book is written by Stephenie Meyer. (oh and also I thought werewolves, so why not include my little werewolf? (dog)


Twilight is the first book in the Twilight series and is about Bella Swan. Bella is a new student in school and is just as normal as normal can be. She makes new friends and attends the new classes that she is supposed to. Until she meets Edward Cullen. A boy who sits next to her in biology class. He acts strange and seems to avoid her everytime. Edward is part of the Cullen family and is known by every student in school. But when Bella notices that Edward also skips school, things start to become suspicious. Bella experiences weird things and Edward seems to always be right on time to save her. But this all seems to look less human, and more. . . vampire.


I actually really loved this book. I heard everybody using the phrase: "Still a better love story  than Twilight." but I actually loved this book. And I have to admit I did watch th movies before I read the book, but let me tell you, the movie was shit compared to the book. They left out loads of detailes, that are actually pretty important. So a better love story than Twilight? I don't think so. (Although those are probably the people who have just only seen the movies) This Twilight book also has the 'Life and Death.' story on the other side, so stay tuned for that too. What I also liked in the book was that it actually did not end as i thought it was going to. And I'm absolutely team Edward. i really don't like Jacob to be completely honest. And I know I'm going to hate him even more in the second book. Because movies, I've watched them, and they are probs shit to the book, but the main thing I didn't like in the movies was Jacob, sooooooo, yeah. I'm looking forward to buying the other three books and reading them. Because I just loved this one.




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