Sunday, 10 July 2016

Fangirl Review

"Cute, little romance." 

Fangirl is just in my opinion a cute little romance, that keeps you reading.
 ♥ Title: Fangirl ♥ Author: Rainbow Rowell ♥ Pages: 453 ♥ Published in 2013 ♥


The story is about Cath, she and her twin sister Wren are planning to study in the same University. Cath is a teenager that has always shared a room with her sister Wren, until Wren tells her that she doesn't want to share a room anymore on Campus. Cath ends up with a different roommate, a girl named Raegan. But not only did she meet Raegan, she also met Levi who is a good friend of Raegan, and is always hanging in their room. She befriend both of them, and does some fun things with them. But one thing that most people don't know about Cath, is that she writes fan fiction. Her fan fiction is called Carry on and is about her idol Simon Snow. Eventually Levi knows about the fanfiction and decides to read it together with Cath. And that's when things start to happen.


I actually loved this book. It has been a long time since I've read this book, but everything is still so cute and lovely. I have to say this is one of the contemporary books that I would read again. I love the writing style of Rainbow Rowell and I will definitely pick up "Carry On" as well. One sidenote. I read this book in Dutch so I'm not sure if the names have stayed the same. . . And some of the translations were wrong sometimes grammar wise. But I'm sure that they weren't if i read this book in English. And one thing that I didn't really like is the pages of Carry on that you get in between the chapters. I think the idea is cute, but in
my opinion it adds nothing to the story. But aside from that, this book is amazing and I would definitely read it again.


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