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Sarah's Key Book + Movie review!

♥ Title: Sarah’s key♥ Author: Tatiana De Rosnay ♥ Pages: 331 ♥ published in 2007 ♥

Today I’ll be reviewing ‘Sarah’s key’ written by Tatiana De Rosnay. I had to say, I thought this book was really good and here is why.


‘Sarah’s key’ is a book with two storylines that eventually kind of combine together, one is about Sarah. Sarah is ten years old and is a Jew. She gets taken away to a concentration camp. But nobody has seen that she locked her brother in the closet to save him from the German Nazi’s. but sixty years later Julia Jarmond, gets an assignment, her assignment is to write an article about this whole situation. She searches around in the archives, and soon discovers a great secret. Sarah is sent to the concentration camp with her parents, and there is only one thing that she must do. Go back home to her brother. Will she be able to do so? And will she be in time?

My opinion

I really loved this book. It was some time ago when I read it though. It was only until recently that I found the book in my mother’s bookcase, when we were clearing it out. And as I saw it I just knew that I wanted to write a book review about it. This book is not only great, but also very touching. You soon find yourself very attached to these characters, and you will find them very adorable, yet very satisfying. Sarah seems so very enthusiastic about life until the Nazi’s come. And the way she tries to save her brother takes some courage. She decides to lock him up in the closet, which in my opinion is not the smartest way to hide someone. But she is ten, what else was she thinking around that age. When I was ten I wasn’t any smarter than her, if I have to admit. I loves the way how Tatiana De Rosnay made these two stories intertwine. I especially liked the ending (don’t worry I won’t spoil) Again it has been a long time since I’ve read this book, but to be honest it still feels like yesterday. And I would definitely recommend this book to everyone.


As some of you may know, there is also a movie adaptation to this book. I own and have watched this movie, and let me tell you about what I think of it. ‘Sarah’s key’ is already an amazing book. The storyline is great, there is character development and the events happen like there is no tomorrow. Now I have to say that this movie is very close to the book. They used a lot of events from the book in the movie. I really liked it. And the beginning of the movie was exactly like how I pictured it would be. I would not change anything about the movie. They did a great job with keeping the movie as close to the book. If you’re not really a book person (Which I highly doubt , since you’re reading my blog right now.) You might really enjoy watching this movie adaptation of ‘Sarah’s Key’ by Tatiana De Rosnay.


In my opinion this is an amazing book. It not a very light read, but also not a heavy one. If you like books that centre around world war II this might be the book for you. Since I’m not really the type of person who prefers books like this, I wasn’t really sure about liking this one or not. But I eventually ended up loving it! Just give it a shot. It is great!



So there you go guys, i hope you all liked my review and be sure to leave a comment on your thought on the book. And I'll see you next monday! Byee! ♥

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