Monday, 17 October 2016

Autumn break tbr!

Autumn break tbr

Hey everybody!

Since I have autumn break now, I decide to do an autumn break tbr. This upcoming week, I’ve decided to try to read three books. I’m a bit busy this week but I should be fine, because they aren’t really big. And of course eventually I’ll probably review them soon.

Pride & Prejustice

The first book that I want to read is Pride and Prejustice. 

My mum was always a very big fan of these books. She loved the classics and just every book by Charles dickens or Jane Austen, that set around that time. We do all own the books at home, but they are all in Dutch. So I decided to buy my own versions in English to read. I’m really looking forward to reading this book. It sounds very interesting, and I’m always very interested in reading books that set in the 1800. I’m hoping to jump into this book as soon as possible.

The Hobbit

The second book that I want to read is The Hobbit
As most of you already know. The Hobbit is the book that comes before the Lord of the Rings series. Its written by J.R.R Tolkien, and I’m really excited to read them. I have read the first book of lotr already but that actually was ages ago. If you don’t know what the Hobbit is about. It’s basically about people who are Hobbits, and a very important character Bilbo Baggins. I will be reading the lotr series and the Hobbit in Dutch, but you can still expect a Dutch review on it whenever I finish it.

Carry on

And the last book that I plan on reading upcoming week is Carry on by Rainbow Rowell.
This book actually came in the mail TODAY! And I’m really excited that I get to finally read it. I heard great things about it from friends, but also from Goodreads. And I’m also really excited to read it because I love Rainbow Rowell’s handwriting. I loved Eleanor & Park and Fangirl. So I’m really excited to just hop into this book eventually.  I also still have to read attachments and another one by her. Now that I think of it. Ahhh, so many books so little time am I right?

Anyway, those were the books that I plan on reading this Autumn break. If you also have a break, I hope you will enjoy it the fullest. If you have any suggestions on what books to read, leave a comment down below, and just as I say always, Thanks to much for reading my blog every week, and I’ll see you again on Monday

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