Monday, 3 October 2016

Birthday book haul !

Birthday book haul! 

Hey everybody. So yesterday was my birthday (2nd of October) And for the people who were wondering I turned 16 

I got two books from my dad and brother, so I thought I’d share them with you. But before I start I would like to tell you, I don’t do this to brag about the things I got, I just do this to share the books that I got since this is a book blog. Thank you 

The first book that I got is Illuminae.

 As some people might or might not know, Illuminae has already been on my tbr list for an enormously large time. I always wanted to read it, and I wanted the hardcover just because it was so pretty. So I got it for my birthday now. I have to say, not only is the cover amazingly beautiful. The pages inside are also marvellous. To be honest whenever I’m looking at the pages of the book the first thought in my head is: “How much would this book cost just to print.” People who own the book will understand me. A lot of pages are black, there are pictures and all other types of decorations. I absolutely love it though. And I also can’t wait for Gemina. (18th of October hihihihi) Illuminae reads very fast, and I’m really liking it a lot so far. If you don’t know Illuminae is not written like any other book. It’s written through all sorts of hacked dossiers like emails, schematics, military files, and so on. If you’re really interested in sci-fi you might want to check this one out. (review probably coming very soon )

The second book that I got is Pride and Prejustice. 

To be honest, I already wanted to read this book for a very long time. We even own the book, because my mom was a huge fan of these types of books. Only we all had them in Dutch. But as you all know, I’m not really keen on reading Dutch books. So I decided to ask for the English version of Pride and Prejustice. And I eventually ended up getting it. I’m so happy that I can finally read it now, and I can’t wait to dive into it. (I actually have already seen the movie a couple of times, but I simply can’t remember most of it anymore, which is actually good. I always watched it with my mom whenever it was on tv.) I’ve never really read anything like Pride and Prejustice, and therefore I’m super excited. 

So guy that was it. I hope you all liked it, sorry that this post is a bit late. (late for Dutch time.) But I had some schoolwork and didn’t plan it to go online at any time. I’ll try my best next time. Thanks for supporting me as always. And I’ll see you guys on Thursday!

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