Monday, 24 October 2016

Life and Death Review!

♥ Title: Life & Death ♥ Author : Stephenie Meyer ♥ Pages: 382 ♥ Published in 2015 ♥

(Before you read this review. I’m very sorry that it is so short. I was very busy during this week and tried to still upload a review on time. Thanks for all the support that I have had so far. I’m really great full for that and I love every one of you. And of course next week will be a week with a longer review. Thanks for everything ♥)


If you don’t already know, last year Stephenie Meyer released a new book called Life and Death. This book wasn’t exactly new. It was a 10 year anniversary book for Twilight. Life and Death is Twilight but then with a gender bender. All the girls are boys and all the boys are girls. So this makes Bella, Beau. And Edward becomes Edythe. This story is close to Twilight, but you’ll soon see that because these character are gender swapped, some things turn out differently. In my opinion really excited. 

My opinion

In my opinion this was a great idea of Stephenie Meyer. I didn’t know what to
expect from the book at first, I first thought that it was going to be LGBT. Turned out I was wrong. I did like the book though. Although I’d have to say that she could have used different words to make the book a little bit more unique. The beginning is nearly identical to the normal Twilight book. But then again, the ending was amazing ! To be really honest, you kind of saw it coming, but at the same time it still kind of grabbed me by surprise. I would like to say that this book is really worth the read. But of course if you already didn’t like Twilight it might not be handy to try and read this book. I did like this book, although I thought it could have used a little bit more of variation between the different scenes from Twilight.  For the rest I would recommend this book to the Twilight lovers out there. And I would definitely read it again. ♥



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