Friday, 20 January 2017

New Moon review

Title: New Moon
Author: Stephenie Meyer
Published in 2006
Published by Little Brown


If you don’t know New moon is the second novel in the twilight series written by Stephenie
 Meyer.  The novel continues with the story as we know it from the first novel. Only Edward decides to leave Bella, because he still thinks it’s too dangerous to be around her. He leaves her in a deep depression for months, until Jacob comes around to save the day for Bella. Bella and Jacob spend a lot of time together, including working on the bikes that Bella. But eventually Bella notices that she never stopped thinking about Edward. She starts to hear Edwards voice in her head. But what does she do now? Does she choose Edward? Or Jacob? This is a long dilemma that Bella has to go through during the book. And leaves you on the edge of your seat when you discover who she chooses. 

My opinion

As most of you already know, I really enjoy the Twilight books. So I did enjoy this one. I have to say that I wasn’t as excited to read this one, because I already heard that Jacob was going to be featured in this one for a good amount of the time. And since I love my team Edward, I wasn’t sure about it. But I eventually really liked it and I was really excited to read more every time. I have to say that even if you don’t like Jacob a lot, you can still enjoy this book. I loved how we got to know a little more about Jacob and his story. I think it was a really good aspect of the book to get to know Jacob a bit better. In the end it kind of annoyed me a little bit, but in the end when I look back at it, it was still a good book. I would definitely read Eclipse soon, but well. . . money. . Not my best thing. XD Although I’m really looking forward to it. And I can’t wait to read the book when I get my hands on it. 


I really enjoyed this book, and I think if you liked the first book, you will definitely enjoy this one. And speaking of the second book I think the second book was nailed infinitely (I don’t even know if that’s a word lol) I did enjoy this less than Twilight itself, but I still loved it a lot, and I would read it again. 



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