Monday, 14 November 2016

Brooklyn Review!

♥ Title: Brooklyn ♥ Author: Colm Tóibin ♥ Pages: 252 ♥ Published in 2009 ♥


Brooklyn is a novel about a young girl names Eilis. She is Irish and lives in 
Ireland with her sister Rose and her mother. Her other siblings have already
 moved somewhere else. The story sets in 1950s. Eilis is an ordinary girl that is
 looking for a job, until Rose gets a job offered but decides to give it to Eilis. 
Father Flood offers Eilis the job instead and Eilis travels to Brooklyn. That’s
 where she gets a job at miss Fortini’s. She works there most of the time. She
 also managed to find a place at miss Kehoe’s house, where multiple women live and she gets to sleep as well. Miss Kehoe is a very kind person and Eilis soon finds her to like the house a lot. One day Eilis goes to an Irish dance party, and that’s where she meets Tony. Unknowing what would happen next, Eilis settles nicely in Brooklyn and soon discovers multiple things about herself and her life.

My opinion

This was a school read for me. I normally hate school reads because they are
 mostly boring. But I actually didn’t hate this one that much as I thought I was
 going to. Yes it had a bit of a slow start and yes, the characters didn’tinterest 
me much, but it wasn’t bad. Not at all. The novel is very well written and I 
would definitely recommend it to anyone. Although I think this book might be a little more to the girly side, because of reasons. (readers of the book will 
understand ;) ) Overall this book didn’t make me cry or laugh or anything. It 
was just a nice little read, and I have to say that some things weren’t as 
predictable as I thought they were going to be.


I think this was a great school read book to read. It had great character development and I had a fun time reading it. Although some parts were a bit boring. And if it weren’t for school I probably wouldn’t have picked it up in the first place, but it was cool. And I would recommend it to anyone.


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