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Review The Infernal Devices

"Just. Amazing."

(The clockwork angel one is in Dutch that's why the title is different.)

The Infernal Devices series is, until now one of my favourite series of all times. These books are written by Cassandra Clare and is another Shadow hunter trilogy to go with the TMI series.


The story starts with Tessa Gray, Tessa is a girl that is introduced in the beginning of the story. She lives with the dark sisters and is learning how to use the powers that she possesses. This is not going very smoothly, since she is whipped and abused when she is doing something wrong. A little bit later she gets saved from the dark sister by a guy named Will. He takes her to the London Institute. That's where Tessa meets another boy called Jem. And everyone here will not think. "Love triangle." And that's exactly what happens in the book. (You're welcome ;3) 

Eventually they all become very good friends, and they all discover new things about each other. 
But one thing that they did not know was the fact that Mortmain one of the villains in the Infernal Devices, is still looking for Tessa. He wants Tessa, because he can use Tessa's gift to complete his dark plans. The London Institute gets attacked multiple times in the series by the iron creatures that Mortmain creates, this has some consequences in some parts of the books. 

Jem is a very special character here in the book , and people who really like Jem will definitely like the epilogue in the end of book three 'Clockwork Princess'. In the series Jem suffers from an illness, and has to take 'Yin Fen'. Which is a powder that he takes to stay alive. He is aware that the Yin Fen is killing him, but if he doesn't take it he will eventually die. 

There are many other things that are happening throughout the series. but writing it all down would be writing a fourth book to this series. 


I think this series might be one of my favourite series. The plot is first of all amazingly thought through. And since I have not read the TMI (The Mortal Instruments) series yet (I know I’m late I will do it someday.) These books were a great starter to the writing of Cassandra Clare and I enjoyed them so much. They made me laugh, they made me cry. And totally gave me a book hangover in the end of every single book. Not only have I learned different things about the Shadow hunter world, but I also learned a lot about the characters themselves, because it just had so much character development. I couldn’t put these books down! I just loved them so much. 

When I first picked up the first book. I was not aware by whom it was written. And the name didn't really sound familiar as well. But later on when I discovered that it was the writer of the TMI series, I knew it was going to be a good read. Since my friends talked about this book a lot too. 
I'm now planning to read the series in order. (Infernal devices, TMI, and eventually lady midnight). And since I started with the Infernal Devices first, I think it will be a great opportunity for me to read them beautifully in order. And of course enjoy the best out of it. 

I really enjoyed every single word that was written in this book, and wouldn't want to change anything about it. It gets a total of 5 stars in my Goodreads list, and I would recommend it to anyone who loves a bit of fantasy, magic, and epicness ♥


 The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Angel Quote Will Herondale ...regarding ducks:

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