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The curious incident with the dog at night time Review

Title: The curious incident with the dog at night time
Author: Mark Haddon
Published by Vintage contemporaries
Published in 2004


The novel is about Christopher Boone. He is an autistic boy and knows everything. He knows all the countries of the world and knows all their capitals. He loves red but won’t touch eat or even look at the colour yellow. And he has memorized all the prime numbers up and until 7057. He can function like any other human but has his own way of doing it. One day he discovers a murdered dog in the front yard of his neighbour and wants to know who had killed it. He loves his animals and would stop at nothing until he finds the murderer of this dog. This takes him to places and he meets multiple people that he has never even spoken to before. This continues until he manages to get in trouble multiple times and is forced to stop his exploring. But what does he do now? Does he quit?


I thought this book was pretty interesting to read. I had never read a book where the point of view  was from an autistic boy. I think it was very interesting to see the way that they think. And it also leaves you with more respect towards them which I think is very important. I loved the story in the beginning, I had to adjust to it a little bit , but in the end it was really good. I flew through the beginning but noticed that it got a bit boring in the middle. There just wasn’t much action happening which was a bit of a bummer. But near the ending when Christopher let’s say, discovers multiple things, thing get interesting again and you want to read on. I think the author of the novel has done this in a great way. I would also like to point out the creativity that it took to put this novel together. You will notice that these chapters don’t start at number 1. They start at 2 which confused me in the beginning but it makes sense as you start reading. I think this idea is quite remarkable and unique. And the drawings are also very well done. I really enjoyed looking at them as I read the novel. It kind of helps you to imagine the scenery and the whole situation as well. It was very fun.


I think this was an alright read. I was excited to read it because certain friends and family members told me that I should give this one a try and so I did. I must say that this was alright to read, but I wouldn’t read it again because of certain slow paces. I would still recommend this novel to anyone who loves detective novels and loves something different from the rest. Therefore a round up 2.5 hearts



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